Thursday, 29 April 2010

Battle of the Bush: Lib Dems pick up speed

Merlene Emerson, the Lib Dem candidate for our vote at the General Election, has been filmed campaigning in and around Hammersmith by the Telegraph newspaper, which you can watch in full here

This is a bit of a PR coup for Merlene, who has trailed in the wake of the resources being expended by the other parties. Until recently the seat was thought a no-hoper and Merlene herself is actually standing in another election on the same day in Richmond, but the televised debates have transformed the campaign, and the LibDems will be hoping at the very least to pick up some council seats at Hammersmith Town Hall as a result.

I'm told a LibDem "battle bus" will be in our neck  of the woods on saturday so lock up your babies, or they might get kissed by enthusiastic canvassers.


  1. "Before, I only met closet Liberal Democrats"!
    Nicely made video - you can sense the excitement and surprise.
    Any chance you could use the Telegraph's embed code to embed that video within in this post, as you have done for Bailey's, rather than linking offpage to it? It's such a relief to see video with Emerson - just as it is to see them canvassing and leafleting here.

  2. i did want to do exactly that but couldnt find the embed code!

  3. Good for Merlene! It's great for Hammersmith to have a real choice now, as many young people like me are thoroughly turned off by Labour and the Conservatives.

  4. @chris - ah, it comes as an overlay button at the very end of the video