Monday, 19 April 2010

Bush in the Blitz

A few years ago a taxi driver once took me home from Hammersmith to Shepherd's Bush, but also on a journey into the past with just a brief memory of when he was a small boy during World War II but one that was still very powerful to him.

To get where we were going we had to go past the White City Estate, but he stopped me giving directions and said "yes, I remember when the bombs fell there". He recounted in vivid detail pulling dead people out of their collapsed buildings from a V2 rocket strike with his father. He'd heard the rocket fly over and then cut out just over Sawley Road W12. Everyone at the time knew they'd have just seconds before the blast hit. And then it did.

In my training for the marathon I regularly ran down Sawley Road and ever since that taxi journey I've thought of what that moment in time must have been like for him. And tonight at 2100 Channel 4 is screening Blitz Street which tries to recreate that life again. They've even drawn a GoogleMap of the V2 rocket sites in London - the blast the taxi driver described doesn't feature on it so I'll write to them. But thought you might be interested too.

Anyone know of any other WWII stories from the Bush?


  1. Probably because it was a V1, not a V2 - you didn't hear V2s coming. The LCC maps of V1 hits are online somewhere on flickr.

    BTW that map's actually Londonists from 2008 - I remember it at the time.

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