Monday, 19 April 2010

Fulham Chronicle: do you get it?

I haven't received the Fulham Chronicle for several weeks again in a row, and I can't be the only one. And actually it's now getting a bit irritating to see the Chronicle, who'se campaign in principle I suppport completely - to get rid of the Council's propaganda sheet which masquerades as a genuine newspaper - carp on and on without getting it's own house in order first.

Now we're beginning to see the Council and the Chronicle argue with each other about how much the Chronicle charges for advertising space. It's all a bit tedious but basically the Council says they need the propaganda sheet in order to save on expensive charges from the Chronicle to carry public notices. The Chronicle says it isn't as expensive as the Council says and anyway that's just an excuse to carry party political propaganda dressed as news, and paid for by the taxpayer.

I hope the Chronicle win their campaign against the use of our taxes to promote the political agenda of the Council through H&F News which a comittee of MPs (chaired by a Conservative) recently described as "misleading to the public".

But I'm also getting a bit tired of seeing pompous quotes from their MD Simon Edgley, who seems quicker to deliver a press release to other journalists than his own paper to his readers. And it can't be a coincidence that the Council also now dispute the circulation figures that the Chronicle claim, which from my experience and some of yours based on past comments and emails, must be a bit dodgy if we only sporadically receive the paper.

A word of friendly advice Mr Edgley - put your own house in order. Pronto.

There, that's off me chest..

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