Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hammersmith housing chief explains Nazi "extreme fetish"

Gareth Mead, who until recently was the Head of our Council's housing department until he was sacked for posting racist messages while posing in front of a Swastika, has been opening his heart to Inside Housing magazine.

Mr Mead, who was paid £80,000 a year and yet presided over a department that turned away a beaten pregnant woman who had to sleep on a park bench instead, says it was all down to a difficult childhood.

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  1. Leave him a lone, I and others were impressed by his painful honesty in the interview, he enjoys more support than you realise, those of us who know him are very fond of him. I know for a fact that once he found out about the pregnant women case he was very upset and went round to see her in person to offer his apologies, just one of many reasons why we liked him.