Sunday, 29 May 2011

Serious road crash off Westfield, Shepherd's Bush

There has been what looks sadly liken a fatal road crash on Holland Park Roundabout near the turning for Westfield this morning. I'm grateful to the readers who alerted me to it, I was in the area and I have to say it looks horrible. A red car in particular appeared to be on the wrong side of the road and was almost entirely crushed.

The demeanour of the police plus the evidence at first hand didn't leave much to the imagination. You've got to hope that nobody was indeed killed despite what it looks like, but also have some thought for the police themselves. Would you want to be the person confronting that scene of human misery and then having to deal with it? 

I've already seen one moron on Twitter calling the police "stupid" because he doesn't like the way they are diverting the traffic as a result of the crash. Let's have a bit more respect both for the people involved in the incident and for the professionals who are doing their best in what must be appalling circumstances. When some of them get home tonight and shut the door behind them, I can't see how they're going to be able to switch off.

I've put a call into the local Police press office to get the details and will report them here on Tuesday. Check back then. Until then, be safe.

1700 UPDATE - The police have just given me this statement - which is very welcome news:
"London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service were called to two persons trapped - rd was closed at approx 08:38hrs.  None of the casualties were believed to have life threatening or life changing injuries.  Rd was re opened at 12:15hrs". 


  1. Hi Chris,
    Any update on this? It seemed quite nasty.

  2. i was there just after it happened, it was horrible, the police' faces were sombre and there was an air of death in the air. the red car was completely crushed.

  3. No serious injuries according to tonights Fulham Chronicle.

  4. It looks horrible! I hope no one was seriously hurt from this accident.