Sunday, 19 June 2011

H&F propaganda on BBC One Politics Show today!

The Politics Show London will be debating our Council's use of tax payers money for propaganda through the Fulham Chronicle following the controversy that erupted over this after I highlighted how it had led the supposedly independent newspaper to censor the local MP.

Labour's Andy Slaughter will be leading the charge against this activity while Conservative Cllr Greg Smith will be batting for the Fulham Chronicle.

It's on today at high noon on BBC1 - you have been warned..

1130 UPDATE - Andy Slaughter has this to say on his website about the Chronicle, or "Pravda Mark II" as he calls it:

"New guidelines on stopping ‘propaganda on the rates’ forced the mutli-milllion pound (of our money) H&FNews to close in April, only to be succeeded by the new paid-for (by us) section of the Chronicle, dedicated to pictures of Tory councillors opening things and other fatuous sycophancy (‘events that we have a duty to share with residents’ according to one of the council’s legion of press officers)".


  1. Slaughter v Smith = Battle of the Toffs

  2. Slaughter was shown to be a hypocrite when Smith produced the self promoting council magazine Slaughter had published on the rates when he was the council leader. Slaughter’s face said it all.

    Smith 1
    Slaughter 0

  3. dear shepherds bush blog
    when mr slaughter was the leader of the council he brought in care charges for disabled people which were later abolished by his party after he left. he is a hypocrite because he slags off the tories for doing the same. he would be wrong if he thinks we have forgotten.
    from george