Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Helicopter chase draws blank over Shepherd's Bush

Last thursday a police helicopter hovered over Shepherd's Bush for a protracted period in the afternoon, at around 1630. Many of you were tweeting and wondering what it was all about - it's taken a wee while to get the answer to this because Shepherd's Bush isn't covered by a full time press office but this morning I have the answer .... this is what a spokeswoman explained to me this morning:

"A possible sighting of a male wanted by police around 16:45hrs Adelaide Rd j/w Uxbridge Rd. N/T of the male".

To translate that into English they thought they saw someone they wanted to arrest on the junction of Adelaide Road and Uxbridge Road, but they couldn't find him.

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  1. Ever since the 21/7 failed bombings I've notice a lot of helicopters hoovering around W12. I'm writing this at 3am and there is on above this area for the past 10mins, really loud.